The Object Of Being Exhibition- Art Positive
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Towards The Reification Of A Wandering Mind
Seema kohli
Seema kohli
Seema kohli
Seema kohli
Seema kohli

The Object of being

THE OBJECT OF BEING Indian Art, both conceptually and in practice, is embedded in a world-view and cosmology, which is based on the fundamental elements: earth, water, fire, wind and ether (space). All these conceptions and practices have influenced the Indian aesthetic theories, and have found expression in the different media of the Arts. This exhibition takes each of the five elements – Earth, Space, Air, Fire and Water and catalogues ways of seeing them through varied representation. Every art-form has its own immediate material, but it uses all the other elements and their transformations in one way or another. It is one of the scopes of this exhibition to explore the relationship between specific art-forms and the elements predominating in them, not only in their material aspect, but in their symbolic function and quality.

Curator's Note

Gallery Art Positive is known for its focus on seminal exhibitions and other art initiatives, working with both the young and established artists. Building on the in-house expertise of Bajaj Capital Ltd, a wealth management company with a fifty year track record, Art Positive expanded its services some five years ago, as a unit of Bajaj Capital Art House (BCAH), to include the business of art as a holistic initiative. Ranging from organizing special shows to online exhibitions, master classes, personalized portfolios, art education initiatives as well as advice on buying, election, display, insurance, handling, care and conservation of art. Art Positive also engages in specialized and personalized art advisory services to a wide spectrum of collectors and institutions both locally and globally. To further enhance its services qualitatively and quantitatively, Art Positive a unit of BCAH has now expanded to include a new and state of the art space in a relaxed and creative ambiance at Lado Sarai, the latest art hub in the capital city, to curate solo and group exhibitions of seminal and cutting edge art in varied modes, media and prices from across the country.

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