Ode To Bosphorous Exhibition- Art Positive
Dipti bondre
Tears Of Medusa
Dipti bondre
Virgin Mary
Dipti bondre
Al Barak Flag
Dipti bondre
Loge Of The Empress
Dipti bondre
Mosque Of Blue Tulips
Dipti bondre
Dolmabagche Palace

Ode to Bosphorous

Greetings! I am happy to bring to you this delightful show titled Ode To Bosphorous: Glimpses Of Istanbul Through Yantras, a solo exhibition of paintings by Dipti Bondre in collaboration with the Turkish Embassy. Since its inception in 2012 to its culmination in this show, we are very proud of the body of work that Dipti has created amalgamating the two ancient civilizations of Turkey and India. It is fascinating to note how the sacred Hindu yantras have been juxtaposed together with the Islamic Turkish monuments to bring about a synergy between the two. There is a lot of cultural and intellectual exchange that is happening through this exhibition and highly distinguished is the harmony and the coherence with which the art works have been created. It has been a pleasure working with Dipti on this show. Her fascination for the subject and her commitment and her single minded devotion to it has reaped rich dividends in the form of these very beautiful and thought provoking works of art. The wide range of work in the show is a collector’s delight, which I am happy to share with you through this exhibition and the accompanying catalogue. We would also Like to thank Ambassador Dr. Burak Akçapar and Dr.Sebnem Akçapar for hosting the show at Turkish embassy. I hope you will enjoy this holistic collection. Wishing you a happy Christmas and a great New Year. Cheers Anu Bajaj

Curator's Note

Istanbul, for me is arguably the most diverse historical locations of the world, where the East meets the West, the crossroads of the world. Bosphorus to me became a symbol of this merger, with Asia on its one bank and Europe on the other. I had been drawn to Istanbul for a while. The silk road resulting in the cultural exchange between the eastern and western civilizations right from the pre byzantine era, intrigued and fascinated the explorer in me. ‘ ........Bosphorus’ is a series and a body of work, which emerged out of my response to Istanbul during my month long stay. Sacred geometry is the fountain head and genesis of this series, it explores these elements between the Turkish Islamic, Greco-Roman monuments and architectural heritage on one hand and Yantras and Mandalas on the other. Throughout history, geometric designs have been ascribed with symbolic and sacred meaning I have attempted at presenting the unity between the ancient civilizations of Turkey and India . An intellectual and cultural dialogue which began with the trade routes and spawned for centuries. Hence the deep similarities continue even till date. My exploration is in multiple layers of Architecture, eras and also in the rendering. But, the metaphoric layers of cultural, social and historical diversity are its fulcrum. All going back to the centre, the beginning of all things, where we are all connected. Through ‘.... Bosphorus’ I wish to draw focus and attention to harmony and oneness. The key elements to peace.This is my endeavor and the purpose of this body of work. The photographs, taken by me in Istanbul, are printed on canvas and hand painted over with gold Yantras. These Yantras are based on existing formats and structures as per the science of sacred geometry and further embellished in their ornamental avatar by me.In the Indian context each energy-yantra takes on a name, however the diagram structures remain the same universally. These works are back lit, and the image changes with light. I have used the technique here to reveal the underlying photograph/image under the painted gold Yantra ,once it is lit. Dipti Bondre

Dipti bondre


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