SUMMER WORKSHOP 2018 Exhibition- Art Positive


Lets run our imagination wild!!

This summer lets explore our creative side and learn the endless possibilities in art.

Each workshop will take the kids into the world of an artist and run their minds to develop an artwork using their imagination and creativity. The workshop focuses more on translating thoughts of each child into artwork.

The parent child workshop is an opportunity to explore the creative side of a family as team!&nbsp;</p>

Curator's Note


Srinia Chowdhury is a contemporary artist based in Delhi. She has been practicing art and teaching children with various institutions since 2013. Invitation from various International symposiums and residency challenges her to keep developing and exploring her art practice.



PAUL KLEE- In this workshop we will fly in Paul Klee' s dream, with strange puppets, flying fishes and castles made out of shapes and brings the parent and child to team up into creativity.

BHARTI KHER- We will march right into the world of contemporary painter Bharti kher’s style of art creation and burst out our creativity with some inspiration from the artist’s style in teams of parent and child.

KIMMY CANTRELL- A glimpse into the contemporary ceramist Kimmy Cantrell ‘s art practice of mask making will leave one’s imagination flying and the give the opportunity to learn some tricks and techniques to work in clay just like a ceramist!


VINEET KACKER- One would be amazed to learn the unique style of Eminent Indian ceramist VineetKacker. We will explore the possibilities of sculpting a relief in clay in Vineet’s style!!


Srinia chowdhury


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